Read Acts 2:42-47

While prayer is a personal discipline, and is often done alone, there is a place for praying together.

We join in united prayer in a Sunday Service perhaps, but many of us have been blessed as we have prayed with a Prayer Partner, or in a Growth Group, or even in a Church Prayer Meeting of some kind.


Lord, help me to live today quietly, easily.

Help me to lean upon your great strength trustfully, restfully.

To wait for the unfolding of your will patiently, serenely.

To meet others peacefully, joyously.

To face tomorrow confidently, courageously.  AMEN.


Today, I bought a walking stick. O Jesus, it wasn’t the happiest of purchases; dancing shoes would have pleased me better, but people with MS don’t wear dancing shoes. Weak and weary, I need the stick to steady the same feet that used to whirl about to music, such an exhilarating way to praise you, laughing and gasping to catch up with my own breath.

Lord, I still want to worship you. As I stumble from the house with this crutch, you are there beside me and perhaps I’ll see and hear you more distinctly than in the glorious flurry of dance. There is always grace in every circumstance. Please help me not to miss it.   AMEN

Thursday 2nd December Daily Notes from the Hub