Read Micah 6:6-16

And this is what he requires of you: to do what is right, (v 8)

Of course, you know this bit, but have you read on in the chapter?

v 12.  The rich among you have become wealthy through extortion and violence. Your citizens are so used to lying that their tongues can no longer tell the truth.

That was the real world that Micah inhabited, and into which God spoke His word. Justice, fairness, had been laughed out of court, and God was looking for transformation. I’d love to think that society around us might be changed overnight, but the reality is expressed here ‘Your citizens are so used to lying that their tongues can no longer tell the truth ‘ Is that too pessimistic? Or do you believe that God can change people as they respond to the gospel of Jesus and allow the Holy Spirit to work within them?

It may have seemed that the readings this week have either pessimistic or unduly out of reach. That is what Old Testament readings often do – they move our thinking forward to understand the significance of New Testament teaching about Grace, forgiveness, and the work of the Holy Spirit to transform not only our behaviour but our thinking as well.

Living ‘Justly’, showing to the world around us what justice really means, is only possible when the Holy Spirit captivates and fills our lives.

Real justice in society cannot be imposed by laws, but only publicly announced and demonstrated in real lives by the power of God’s Spirit.

Thursday 6th January Daily Notes from The Hub