Read 2 Timothy 2:17-18

They have left the path of truth

Route planning and finding is one of the most basic skills of any walker or climber let alone of a general traveller. With the advent of the internet, and inventions such as Satnavs, it has generally become easier for the ordinary person to get from A to B with the minimum of fuss, but it has not always been that way. Many a walker has had to re-trace steps in order to get back on track, following the right path once again. Did you ever read the book ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’? One of the dangers the pilgrim faced on his journey toward the promised land of Heaven was By-Path Meadow. After a brief moment of inattention, Pilgrim found himself in a pleasant meadow, carpeted with delightful flowers. As he went on he began to realise he had missed the proper way – which looked like a much harder path to follow. His struggles to get out of danger and back on the right path make interesting reading – and there are distinct parallels with following Jesus. (This book, ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’ is not a children’s book! Once you understand the parallels with the life of faith, following Jesus, it yields interesting insights. Make it a project for reading in the near future.)

One of the many values of church attendance is that you keep up with other people and are more likely to stay on the right path. The lone walker or Christian pilgrim is much more likely to miss the proper path. We don’t know how Hymenaeus and Alexander fared, but Paul dealt firmly with them.

Friday 27th May Hub Daily notes