Read Exodus 21:1-11

v 5   But the slave may declare, ‘I love my master, my wife, and my children. I don’t want to go free.’

What might have begun as coercive slavery can be transformed into harmonious and acceptable working conditions. This whole chapter in Exodus sets out some pretty enlightened ideas about living and working together in a society. It may be hard for us to envisage a slave wanting to stay with a master, but it brought security and a roof over your head when the master was a good one! It was more than a business transaction too – notice the next verse which brings God into the centre of ithis master must present him before God.  There is an unexpected spiritual dimension to this kind of arrangement. The slave, in effect, became joined to the master in a lifelong arrangement which probably even included old age care! Sounds to me something like a voluntary pension scheme with God as the witness to its validity.  Heigh-ho, not quite slavery as we might have imagined it.

Now, that is not slavery as we see it operating nowadays and about which we are praying. But it does lead us on to pray today for enlightened working practices and conditions of employment in all kinds of circumstances. So pray today for better industrial relations, with fair pay from the employers and faithful work by the employees.

A modern job should not be slavery, but create stability and satisfaction for all concerned.

Thursday 20th October Daily Notes from The Hub