Read Mathew 4:1-17

v 17   From then on Jesus began to preach, “Repent of your sins and turn to God, for the Kingdom of Heaven is near.”

These are the first recorded words of Jesus’ ministry. It is a call to individuals to turn their backs on sinful living and repent of their wrong actions. In that sense, it was a command to people to draw lines in their own lives, to recognise the difference between right and wrong and make a conscious decision to head in the direction God had commanded. It also implies feeling a sorrow for past sin, not merely because sin takes us in a bad direction but also because it offends the God of holiness and justice. Paul makes just that point in his sermon in Athens, recorded in Acts 17:30, God … commands everyone everywhere to repent of their sins and turn to him. There are lines drawn in God’s universe. There is a difference between right and wrong. It is not merely that some actions and thoughts are unhelpful or damaging, there are things that offend God. Where we find ourselves guilty in that respect God commands us to repent – turn round and head in His direction.

It is not for us to point the finger at certain individuals, but it is a reminder that God has drawn lines regarding human conduct and calls us to acknowledge His authority in every part of life.


Tuesday 25th October. Daily Notes from The Hub