Readings for December 2022


Apologies for getting readings to you a little later than you might have expected. Some of you have taken up the offer to follow the readings sent out by Brian Draper each year, and his comments are well worth reading. If you have not done that however, below are suggested Bible Readings for December, taken from the Lectionary of a Church in Canada.

We start and finish with Psalms of Praise. Then there is a brief section that is forward looking to the return of Jesus to the earth. With all the eagerness that is apparent in preparing to celebrate Jesus’ birth, we look at the question as to whether we are equally eager and prepared for Jesus’ second coming. Then a mixture of Old and New Testament readings that relate to Jesus’ birth, and we round off with more readings from Psalms expressing praise and worship for all that God has done in our lives and in creation.

Along with each reading is a single thought on which to meditate.

These readings are not on line, so you will need to get hold of your Bibles and find your way around some of it’s little-read books!


Thursday 1st                 Psalm 146         1-10      v 2        A lifelong commitment to praise God.

Friday 2nd                    Psalm 147         1-11      v 7        Daily thanksgiving is an element of praise.

Saturday 3rd                 Romans 13       8-14      v 12      Getting priorities right – Jesus’ return is imminent.
Sunday 4th                  
1 Corinthians 1  3-9        v 7        Are you waiting eagerly for Jesus’ return?
Monday 5th                  
Mark 13            32-37    v 33      Being watchful as we wait for Jesus’ return.        
Tuesday 6th                 
John 1              1-9        v 2        Jesus had a natural birth – but he was God’s eternal son.
Wednesday 7th            
John 1              10-14    v 10      What might have prevented people from recognising Him? 

Thursday 8th                 Jeremiah 33      14-16    v 16      Has this prophecy been fulfilled – or is it still in the future?
Friday 9th                     Isaiah 6             1-13      v 7        How has our sin been taken away, and our guilt atoned for?

Saturday 10th                John 12            35-41    v 37      Recall miracles of Jesus that failed to convince the Jews. 

Sunday 11th                  Ephesians 5      6-14      v 10      How do you find out what pleases the Lord?
Monday 12th                
1 Peter 2           4-10      v 9        Meditate on each small phrase that describes a Christian.

Tuesday 13th                Isaiah 60           1-3        v 2        We are living in dark times; pray that God’s glory will shine!
Wednesday 14th          
2 Corinthians 4  1-6        v 5        Our message is about Jesus, not about us or the church.
Thursday 15th              
1 John 1           5-7        v 7        What might it mean for you to walk in the light?
Friday 16th                   
John 3              16-21    v 19      Why do some people prefer ‘Darkness’ to ‘Light’?
Saturday 17th                 
Isaiah 40          1-11      v 11      In John 10:14, might Jesus have had this verse in mind?
Sunday 18th                 
John 9              1-7        v 5        Jesus is still the light of the world! Allow him to shine in you.
Monday 19th                
Luke 3              1-6        v 4        Reflect on the price John paid as God’s faithful messenger.

Tuesday 20th                Isaiah 11           1-5        vv 2-3   How do you see the character of Jesus in these verses?
Wednesday 21st          
Zephaniah 3      14-17    v 17      Do you appreciate this as God with you, personally?
Thursday 22nd             
Matthew 1         18-25    v 21      The simplest description of Jesus’ work – to be a Saviour.
Friday 23rd
                   Isaiah 2             1-5        v 4        The day we long and pray for!
Saturday 24th                Matthew 4         12-17    v 17      The Gospel call demands the response of repentance.
Sunday 25th                  Luke 2              8-20      v 17      These shepherds believed – and passed the message on

Monday 26th                 Luke 2              25-32    v 32      Gentiles are included from the very beginning!

Tuesday 27th               Psalm 147         12-20    v 19      God has revealed his laws for us to follow.

Wednesday 28th           Psalm 148         1-6        v 1        The whole of creation echoes with praise to God.

Thursday 29th               Psalm 148         7-17      v 8        Even the wildest of weather echoes God’s praise.

Friday 30th                    Psalm 149         1-9        vv 4-5   Humility is the foundation of all our worship.

Saturday 31st                Psalm 150         1-6        v 6        Let praise be our keynote as we round off the year.


These readings might also encourage you to try writing the notes for just one day – or even a whole week!

Pray about a reading, reflect on it for a day, and then try writing notes about it to encourage or challenge others.

It is not as difficult as it sounds, and others will be blessed as they discover how you understand and apply it.

You could even send it to me at  and I will endeavour to make your comments available online for others to read.


Every blessing as you read and meditate on God’s Word.

May your own life be refreshed as you do so.


John Rowland.


Readings for December.