Read John 2:1-11

V 5  But his mother told the servants, “Do whatever he tells you.

And now the 30 years of waiting come to an end; Jesus changes water into wine after the request from Mary. Was Mary present at Jesus’ baptism when the Holy Spirit came down like a dove? Did she know of his experiences in the wilderness when he was tested and tried? Did she look on with increasing wonder as Jesus gathered a few disciples round him? Without perhaps being able to put her finger on it, did she sense the power coiled up inside her son, waiting to be released? Whatever she might already have grasped about Jesus, she was able to hand over control of this difficult social dilemma to him, and trust him. Guests don’t normally do this at weddings, and then surprise everybody with an outstanding vintage!

We tend to think of Jesus’ miracles in terms of healing, casting out demons or turning people’s lives around, but here, with his very first miracle, he rescues a beleaguered groom and adds to the pleasure of a crowd celebrating a marriage.

What was the something that Mary saw in her son that persuaded her to persevere in asking for help? The 30 years of waiting for her son to become what God had promised were over. She was sufficiently bold and comfortable to ask him to help.

What a great position to be in!

How comfortable and bold are you in asking God for great things?

Wednesday 21st March Daily Devotional notes from The Hub.