I am assured that God works for my good in all circumstances.


God cares about your welfare – you know and believe that! There are times however when that assertion

has a very hollow ring about it. Your actual circumstances seem to shout ‘That’s unfair – Why me?

Your heart and mind revolve around the idea that whatever the outcome of your trials, nothing good

could possibly result from them.

And maybe someone has quoted this verse to you quite glibly; so much so that it hurt rather than helped 

you. You will not be alone in thinking that the ‘all circumstances’ does not include yours. How on earth

could anything good come from what happened to you!

So please read this section of Romans 8 thoughtfully. Paul is not saying that only good things can

happen to you. That is not the kind of undergirding, all-inclusive promise that guarantees a secure and

peaceful life in a struggling world. Far from it. (I’m sorry if that shatters your comfortable idea of the

Christian expecting to live on a bed of roses-without-thorns.)

Paul is declaring here that in all your circumstances – however easy or tough – you can lean on the promise that God is there with you, and because he loves you as one of his children he will be on your side. You will be securely in his hand and nothing, absolutely nothing, will be able to destroy your eternal relationship with him. That is the one good thing you can bank on come what may in the pain of life in an imperfect world.

Thursday 6th June Daily Notes from the HUB.