Read Romans 4:1-8

vv 6-8  David also spoke of this when he described the happiness of those who are declared righteous without working for it:

 “Oh, what joy for those whose disobedience is forgiven,
    whose sins are put out of sight.
Yes, what joy for those whose record the Lord has cleared of sin.”


Not only is Jesus’ genealogical connection with David significant but, writes Paul, David also shared Jesus’ view of free forgiveness, which lies at the heart of the good news Paul proclaimed.

Paul writes about the lives of both Abraham and David – both of whom had a clear understanding of righteousness by faith rather than by having to work for it. First we have Abraham, ‘For the Scriptures tell us, “Abraham believed God, and God counted him as righteous because of his faith.” ‘ and then we have this quotation from Psalm 32, another of David’s Psalms.

Paul puts Abraham, David and himself in the same line of those who believed in free forgiveness through faith rather than trying to work at being forgiven and accepted by God.

This message of Grace was as hard to accept then as it is now!  People still struggle in life to find acceptance with God by working for it. Working for acceptance seems so logical – ‘If you are a good boy/girl, then you can be my friend’ is the logical and apparently fair message about being accepted by God. But NO says Abraham, NO says David, NO says Jesus and NO says Paul! Acceptance by God, forgiveness of sin and cleansing from sin is by grace through faith.

So once again, David figures as significant in explaining the gospel message of God’s Grace.

Thursday 20th June Daily Notes from the HUB.