Hello everybody!

With today’s edition of the Daily Notes we come to the end of the series reflecting on the life of King David. 
So where next?
The next complete series, looking at Paul’s letter to the Christians in Thessalonica, begins in September. So in the meantime, for the rest of August, the pattern will be a little different.
There will be no daily email of notes.
One single email, on Monday 5th August, will outline readings for the whole month. The daily comments are very brief, and there will be no on-line links to the Bible. That will free you to read the passages in whichever version you might use at home.
There will also be a printed version covering the whole month, available at Church this coming Sunday. This will save you searching for the Daily Notes on-line.
All the  readings are linked to Paul’s contact with Thessalonica, his visits, his letters and his passing comments in other places.
I hope you will find these readings useful and eventually helpful as we begin the new series in September.
Enjoy the break from the usual routine, and may God bless you as you read on through His Word.
John Rowland.

Daily Notes from UBBC