There seems to be two groups of people surviving lock-down in different ways. There are those spending lots of time being still reflecting, planning and even getting quite bored. Then there are those running around madly trying to balance the varying needs of their household whilst maintaining an income through work, and for many still working their roles have changed and become very demanding.

I wonder where you find yourself most of the time at the moment?! So far I have definitely mostly been in the second group. It’s not necessarily a bad thing; it just is the way life is right now.

But there are wonderful moments of beauty. Consider the lambs bouncing around in the fields; a special reminder that Spring has already sprung. Life for us has changed dramatically for now, but new life is still blossoming every day. That reminds me of a famous Psalm: Psalm 23. The words that have particularly struck me are “you lead me beside still waters and restore my soul” Some of us love stillness; others find it challenging because we are forced to stop and that’s when we’re often faced with our real selves! But if we are to continue to survive these strange and challenging days, we need to look after ourselves as well as those around us.

There is something very calming about watching water. Can you find a stream or pool nearby to walk to? Take a moment to stop and watch it flow. Let go of some of the stress and frustration, anxiety and concern for others; allow your soul to be restored.

If you can’t get out right now or there is no water nearby, enjoy this video in a quiet moment instead.
You might enjoy this modern version of Psalm 23

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KIDZONE Family Fun Activities

This weeks Kidzone has lots of fun activities around this same theme. Its a great chance to find news ways of connecting together.

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Useful Local Community Information Update

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Generous donations from our community for our Food Bank. Thank you! Please let me know if you or anyone you know, are struggling to buy food and provisions for your family because of unexpected job loss due to the Covid-19 Crisis. Strict Confidence will be kept.
Hub Families: by still waters