Let love and faithfulness never leave you… Proverbs 3:3

Our need for some sort of faithful presence has perhaps never be as great as during these locked-down months. Even as some parts of our daily life are beginning to unlock, the continued uncertainty is tiring and the desire for security and answers to impossible questions continues.

We are getting better at staying connected in different ways, but I am yet to find one that adequately replaces that face to face connection; the genuine sense of sharing life and journeying together. Nothing replaces an encouraging ‘I’m with you’ hug!

However whilst it’s OK to lament, and acknowledge our struggles with missing our human connections, I’m really mindful of the things all around me that remind us of God’s constant faithfulness. For me this is particularly true in nature; listening to the bird-song, watching the different blossom come and go, the constancy of the coming in and going out of the tide. There is something so calming and reassuring just watching the waves. Have you ever stopped to think that they never stop moving?!

In our changing circumstance our faithful God remains the same.

Whilst we can’t be there physically for many of our friends and family right now, we can be faithful in our support of each other in different ways. A text, a note, a smile that says ‘I hear you’. As God has shown His love and faithfulness to us, He gives us the opportunity to share it with those around us. Let’s look out for those opportunities this week to be faithful to each other and encourage each other as we journey together even while having to stay physically apart.

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Hub Families: Love and faithfulness