Read Luke 19:1-10

Then Jesus showed up ….. in the home


v 5    When Jesus reached the spot, he looked up and said to him, “Zacchaeus, come down immediately. I must stay at your house today.”

Only common people gawp at celebrities – so it’s not my kind of thing. I don’t do gawping – I’m sober and sedate and well-mannered. Well at least, that’s what I wanted people to think. I’m just soooo respectable and I was going to stay that way even if I did a fair amount of swindling when it came to collecting taxes. Who cares if people hate me! And of course I was rich then!

But, well, it was a bit different with Jesus. Of course, I wasn’t going to gawp, I just wanted to see him. No harm in that really. The problem was – I wanted to see, and not be seen. The solution – clever really, just like me to use brain power – climb a tree and hide among the leaves. There you are, simple wasn’t it!

So there I was, hidden up my tree, and Jesus stopped at the bottom of the tree, looked up, and called out my name. Oh no – how embarrassing! Now everybody knew where I was.

Nobody else has a kind word for people like me, they certainly avoid my company, and yet this Jesus actually spoke to me – in fact he wanted to come to my house for a meal. Was I hearing things? How come this preacher-teacher-miracleman wanted my company? Whatever the reason, the general mob didn’t think much of his choice of dinner partner. Religious people don’t normally mix with tax-collectors.

So this man Jesus is different. He came to my house and we had a quite a chat. Changed my life completely.

Has Jesus made that kind of difference to you and your home?

Thursday 18th June Hub Daily Notes