Is anyone else really tired?! I don’t just mean been going to bed a bit late, not sleeping brilliantly so could do with a decent lie-in kind of tired. Or even tired of home school, tired of laundry, tired of queuing, tired of uncertainty, tired of politics, tired of constant change and having to think differently about things. All very good reasons for feeling tired, and I’ve had many conversations recently with people lamenting about how tired they are even though life for many has slowed down. I’m meaning more a weariness that feels like no amount of sleep will help.

We all need rest, and usually find it in the form of sleep. Sleep gives our body rest and our brains a chance to prepare for the next day. But resting is not just about sleep. It is also about taking the time to relax. Taking the time away from the hustle and bustle of life to do things that we enjoy such as reading, going for walks or pursuing a hobby. I’ve found this so much harder to do during lock-down though. It’s been a real challenge to settle to activities I usually find relaxing; my brain is a constant whir of questions and new thoughts and I don’t think I have ever had so many crazy dreams! My sleep has certainly not felt refreshing. I usually have a very active brain that finds stillness a challenge, but these recent weeks have brought it to a different level!

Many of us are in a constant state of survival mode at the moment it seems; adjusting to life in uncertain times, with uncertain futures. No amount of thinking, planning, or preparing brings us the peace we crave. I have been reminded many times recently of this verse:

To receive Jesus’ real and nourishing rest I just need to relinquish my natural desire and tendency to plan and be prepared for whatever is coming next, and surrender to His unforced rhythms of grace.

“I will give your soul repose”

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