Read Matthew 28

v 6.  He isn’t here! He is risen from the dead, just as he said …

In just a few brief sentences the world is turned the right way up again after the events of Good Friday. The Jewish leaders and their mob screamed for injustice, but the last word belongs to God! The cross may have seemed to proclaim Jesus’ weakness, but the God of Justice and strength shows His hand at an empty tomb. The resurrection of Jesus proclaims salvation for people burdened by sin and bound up by its consequences. Death is not the last word; we are not people without hope after all!


The resurrection of Jesus was not the end of a story, it was just a beginning as the Good News of Jesus began to spread across the world. Our last few days of readings carry the story forward through what is now history to the final climactic event of Jesus returning to the world He created, and the establishing of His eternal kingdom.


Tuesday 30th March Daily Notes from The Hub