Read Habakkuk 1:12-2:1 It’s not fair!

v 13But you are pure and cannot stand the sight of evil.

  Will you wink at their treachery?
Should you be silent while the wicked

swallow up people more righteous than they?


So Habakkuk tries a different tack. It’s the one I’ve heard countless times from school children when every other argument has failed. ‘It’s not fair! ‘ Habakkuk invites God (just think of that!) to look at the world; surely there is a lot of injustice and you can’t let the wicked get away with it, can you, he suggests. If God IS God, and He is pure and holy, why on earth does he allow wicked people to get the better of good people? Surely that can’t be fair; righteous people deserve better than that!

Hang on – do you really believe in a world that operates on the principle that ‘Good people get good things and bad people get their comeuppance in the here and now’? Is that how God ordained it to be? Is this so called ‘fairness’ the operating principle of God’s world? 

The answer, as we shall see, is both yes and no.

The lesson in God’s school of learning today is that we are usually concerned with short term values and actions whereas God’s plan envelopes eternity. Habakkuk is going to have to learn the ‘Big Picture’ lesson. We want to see our prayers answered in the little picture of today, God’s view and purposes are so much larger than our finite minds can embrace.

Wednesday 11th August Daily Notes from The Hub