Read Colossians 3:12-15

v 12.    gentleness, and patience. 

You have met these people, for sure. They are cold-hearted, hot-headed and somewhat aloof, always telling you self-centred stories and with no time to listen to you. And just maybe that has described you at times! (Don’t feel threatened by that comment – in our ‘Do it in a hurry, like NOW’ society, these qualities are more catching, damaging, and wide-spread than CoVid-19.) Gentleness and Patience are in short supply – reflect on some of the issues that have arisen through hasty use of the Social Media.

But these are the qualities that make us warm and welcoming. In fact they wonderfully reflect the character of Jesus Himself. His unbridled and warm love enabled Him to give Himself to people and deal with them gently and patiently. They are qualities that attract people and murmur that love will be extended even to the unlovely and outcast in society.


Lord, I want to be covered with this new set of beautiful clothing. Empower me by your Holy Spirit to put on this warm clothing of gentleness and patience for the whole of today.    AMEN

Wednesday 1st September Daily Notes from The Hub