Read 2 Chronicles 32:1-23

vv 20-21   Then King Hezekiah and the prophet Isaiah son of Amoz cried out in prayer to God in heaven. And the Lord sent an angel who destroyed the Assyrian army with all its commanders and officers. So Sennacherib was forced to return home in disgrace to his own land. And when he entered the temple of his god, some of his own sons killed him there with a sword.

After all the threats and bullying, God has the last word. The King and the Prophet pray together and an Angel wreaks havoc in the Assyrian army.

You can read it again in 2 Kings 19, or the literary minded might like to read Byron’s famous poem ‘The Destruction of Sennacherib’.

However you read the story the lesson is clear ‘God has the last word in human history’.  Jerusalem, the city of David, was rescued, but the other tribes of Israel went off into captivity. For the moment Jerusalem is safe, but another equally violent Empire is on the rise – Babylon.

Friday 11th March Daily notes from The Hub