Read Hebrews 13:7-17

It has often been said about schools that long after the lessons have been forgotten the teachers are remembered. I regarded it as almost axiomatic that just about the most important thing I did as a Headmaster was to appoint the right staff. Unless a school has teachers who demonstrate integrity and justice, and love young people, it will be missing out on one of the purposes of its existence.

The same goes for Church, doesn’t it?

Long after you have forgotten the content of a series of 5-point sermons you will probably remember the Minister who occupied the pulpit. Something of his/her character will have rubbed off on you; did you sense the love behind what was said, or were preaching and teaching merely academic exercises?

Let this also shape how you feel about Church Leaders. I suspect that many of us have a natural tendency to be critical of leadership – such has always been the case I would imagine; Moses wasn’t the first nor the last to suffer that as a leader! But take time to reflect on the good that has come from their leadership; take time to look back over the months and years and give thanks for the ways we have been taken, and the lessons we have learned through their characters, and the examples of love and faithfulness we have been set.

And then thank God for them!

Wednesday 22nd June Hub Daily notes